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Travis Washington

Darden& Muessel Club Director

Darden: 18645 Janet Dr. South Bend, IN 46637

Muessel: 1021 Blaine Ave. South Bend, IN 46616

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Jess Alexander

Lincoln Club Director

1425 E Calvert St. South Bend, IN 46613


Savino Rivera Jr.

Area Director

1818 Bergan St. South Bend, IN 46628

Kania Franklin_edited.jpg

Kania Franklin

Monroe Club Director

312 Donmoyer Ave. South Bend, IN 46614

Caylie Morales_edited.jpg

Caylie Morales

Nuner Club Director

2716 Pleasant St. South Bend, IN 46615


Edmond White

Madison Club Director

832 N Lafayette Blvd. South Bend, IN 46601


Where will Club programs be offered?
After school programs will be offered at Marquette, Muessel, Monroe, Madison, Lincoln, Nuner, Darden, Harrison, Wilson, Warren, Coquillard.

When will Club start?
Club begins August 21.

What are After School program hours?
Our after school programs run from school release to 6 PM. After school programs are at no cost.

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