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CEO Jacqueline Kronk presented at the State Board of Education meeting.


Our CEO Jacqueline Kronk had the opportunity to present at the State Board of Education meeting on the impact of our STRIVE program, made possible by IDOE's Accelerated Learning Grants funding in 2021. Since the launch of our academic recovery after school program in partnership with our school districts, we've seen 64.2% of our Club kids gain one or more grade levels in literacy and 68.9% gain one or more grade levels in math.

We're motivated by the positive results and traction and will continue to double down on efforts. As we finish out year 2, we are given this great opportunity to continue to work hard every day to create #GreatFutures for our members.

Read more about the impact our fun, high-energy, and hands-on learning academic enrichment environment is having on students who need us most.

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