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RV There Yet? Great Futures Inventor Center

A new RV will provide Club kids from all sites with mobile project-based learning.Technology onboard will include a 3D printer and carving machine.


BGC/ND Hospitality Program

A HUGE congratulations to our very own Club Kid, Keemon, at our Career Academy South Bend site, and his peers for graduating from the BGC/University of Notre Dame Hospitality Introduction Program

This was a 15 week program for students ages 15-18. The program provided work experience and a thorough introduction to the hospitality industry.

We are so proud of you Keemon!


O.C. Interview Week

As our teens are entering into young adulthood, we want to make sure they are well prepared for diving into the real world! 


Over the course of our Interview Week we spent time looking through job applications and learning how to fill them out. Then we reviewed the applications and scheduled interviews. Each teen got the chance to have one-on-one guidance through the process of searching for a job. Our teens are now prepared for success in the workforce and their future careers.

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