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Sarah Bond

Sarah Bond

In 2007, Sarah's journey with the Club began when she decided to volunteer under the guidance of Lety Stanton-Verduzco. It was a decision that would shape her life for years to come.

As a high school student, Sarah threw herself into community service where the Club became more than just a place to fulfill volunteer hours; it became her community. College took her away briefly, but not for long. Within a year, she was back, this time taking on an Americorp position before transitioning into a part-time role as a Youth Development Professional. The Club was her second home, and she flourished there.
Over the years, Sarah grew within the organization, embracing various roles and responsibilities. From her roots at Harrison School, her community expanded to casually sitting in the same room including Mayors, Secretaries of Education, and even Governors. The Club had become a nexus of connections and opportunities, opening doors Sarah had never imagined.

The Club was family—a bit eccentric, sometimes chaotic, but always full of love. They were her people, her tribe, and she thrived in their company. “Club is my second home and much like any home your family members are, crazy, estranged, weird, and drive you crazy. Regardless, the Club makes me feel more connected to my community and the "family" I get to work with is a load of fun at the end of the day.”
For Sarah, Boys & Girls Club's 50th anniversary is not only honoring the years of opportunity it provides kids and families over the years but a beacon of hope for how deep the impact will be in years to come.

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